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3 Pointers when Shopping for Unsecured Loans


Posted on 6th March 2012 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans

If you’re looking for tips that can help you find and soon take out the right unsecured loans then, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have listed and discussed three pointers that can guide you as you examine the programs being offered to you by various lenders.

3 Tips to Keep in Mind

Get the latest copies of your credit report. Have you ever wondered why finance experts recommend that you order your credit report before you start shopping for a loan or a credit card program? Well, the answer is quite simple. Your chances of qualifying for the credit program will greatly depend on your credit score. If you have a high credit score then, your loan application will most likely get approved. Meanwhile, if you have a poor credit history; chances are your request for funds will get turned down.

So, it is really very important that you get the latest copies of your report before you begin to examine what each lender offers. This way, you can determine what your current credit rating is and whether or not you will qualify for a loan.  (more…)

Smart Tips When Acquiring A Bad Credit Personal Loan


Posted on 27th January 2012 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

Many consumers apply for personal loans for different reasons.  Some people need immediate cash to pay a past due debt, pay college tuition, repair damages in the home, buy medicine, or cover for other emergency expenses.  Whatever your reason is for acquiring a loan, your personal credit score will surely be a big factor.

Many lenders reserve their best deals to customers with good to excellent credit.  If you have a high score, you can easily get approved and qualify for a lower interest rate.  On the other hand, there are lenders that offer loans to people with bad credit but with steep interest rates and fees.  If you plan to apply for a bad credit personal loan, consider these smart tips:

Offer security.  Secured loans for bad credit have better rates than unsecured bad credit loans.  By pledging collateral, your lender can be assured that a resource is readily available in the event of default. In addition, a lender will be more confident to give you a lower rate if repayment is guaranteed.

Protect Yourself from Predatory Unsecured Loan Lenders


Posted on 23rd January 2012 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

Acquiring a loan can be a frustrating experience to some, especially those who have bad credit history or poor credit score.  Many lending companies have very strict requirements and if you have below average rating, your loan application may get instantly rejected.  Other lenders require the submission of collateral to guaranteed repayment of the loan.  If you don’t have a valuable asset to secure your debt, you may not be able to get the loan you seek.

On the other hand, there are lenders that cater to the bad credit market.  These lenders are willing to extend financing to qualified applicants despite having bad credit or despite not being able to submit collateral.  If you have a stable job or a regular income, you can still get approved for a bad credit unsecured loan.

Nevertheless, not all unsecured bad credit loan offers in the market are legitimate.  The advertisements can be misleading and if you’re not aware of loan scams, you can easily become a victim of scammers or illegal lenders.  How can you protect yourself from predatory lenders?  Consider the following reminders:

Check the lending company’s credentials.   A legitimate lending company should have a license issued by the government and should be accredited by reputable organizations in the country.  For example, you can check the lending company’s rating and track record from the Better Business Bureau or BBB.  You will also be able to check if there were complaints or law suits filed against the company. (more…)

Bad Credit Personal Loan Tips for People with Low Score


Posted on 16th January 2012 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

For people who need bad credit personal loans, finding a good deal can be difficult considering their poor score.  It is no secret that lenders offer interest rates based upon the borrower’s credit rating.  A higher score will surely win you lower interest rate while a low score would mean a steeper rate.

Nevertheless, borrowers should never settle with an unfair deal just because their credit score needs improvement.  By doing your research and carefully evaluating your options, you will be able to find a bad credit personal loan lender that offers a good deal.

Take a look at the following tips on how to find a good bad credit loan deal:

Check your credit score.  Check your latest credit report and credit score before negotiating with a prospective bad credit loan lender.  If you have not yet received your free report this year, you can request for a free copy of your credit report from www.annualcreditreport.com.  You can order all your three reports from the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, TransUnion at once, or you can order one copy from each bureau throughout the year. (more…)

5 Steps to Get a Bad Credit Personal Loan


Posted on 12th January 2012 by Sandra Thompson in 1

Acquiring a bad credit personal loan is not so difficult these days since many lending companies are willing to extend financing to customers with bad credit.  If you need immediate financial help and wants to apply for a bad credit loan, remember this five steps:

1. Know your credit score. You can order your free credit report from www.annualcreditreport.com – the only resource authorized by the government to distribute free consumer credit reports.  If your report contains errors, your credit score can be badly affected.  You can send a dispute letter to the credit bureau to correct the errors and improve your score.  Remember that a higher score will win you a better deal when you apply for a bad credit loan.

2. Consider other options. If you need cash, don’t forget to consider alternatives such as borrowing from a friend or family member.  Since bad credit loans usually carry higher interest rates than regular loans, borrowing from a personal contact can save you a great deal of money on interest rate charges.  Don’t forget to create a written Agreement when dealing with a friend or relative about money matters to avoid problems. (more…)

Unsecured Loan Tips to Start the Year Right


Posted on 9th January 2012 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans

Many consumers prefer to borrow unsecured loans over secured loans.   First of all, unsecured loans do not require any form of collateral to guarantee repayment.  Thus, you do not need to be a homeowner or to submit a valuable asset in exchange for the amount you borrow.  Tenants or non-homeowners can easily qualify for an unsecured loan or an unguaranteed loan without any hassle.

In this article, we present valuable tips on how you can borrow an unsecured loan successfully and avoid getting ripped off.

Decide how much you need.  How much do you intend to borrow from an unsecured loan lender?  Unsecured loans usually carry higher rates of interest than secured loans so it’s important to borrow only the exact amount you need.

Plan your repayment strategy.  You should know for sure how much you can afford to pay each month and how long it will take for you to complete repayment.  Of course, it would depend on your monthly income and on your state of finances.  Having a definite repayment strategy is crucial to avoid being stuck in bad debt. (more…)

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Unsecured Loan Prospect


Posted on 5th January 2012 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

When in need of financial assistance, a consumer may consider acquiring an unsecured personal loan.  Lenders that offer unsecured loans do not require any form of collateral to guarantee repayment.  On the other hand, many lenders do require good credit or an impressive credit history to ensure that the borrower is capable of repayment.

This is why consumers are advised to check their personal credit first prior to submitting their loan application.  Take note that some lenders have strict credit requirements and if you have less-than-perfect rating, your application may get declined.  In addition, your credit score will be one of the major basis of your loan’s rate and terms of repayment.

A high credit score will surely win you lower interest rate and if you have a low score, a prospective lender may insist on a higher rate to make up for the risk. However, it is still possible to find an unsecured loan lender that offers a reasonable deal so it’s important to spend some time doing research.

What are the things you need to keep in mind when applying for an unsecured loan?  Consider the following tips:

Check your report.  Order the latest copy of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus.  Carefully examine your report to make sure that all details and charges in your accounts are correct.  Take note that errors can significantly pull down your credit rating.  (more…)

How to Apply for an Unsecured Bad Credit Loan


Posted on 2nd January 2012 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans

Having bad credit can be a major obstacle when applying for credit or financing. For people with bad credit who need help, there are lending companies that offer unsecured loans.  An unsecured loan is much easier to acquire since no collateral is required to guarantee repayment.  However, some lenders only accept customers with good credit so if you have bad credit history or a poor credit score, your unsecured loan application may get rejected.

What are some of the things you should remember when applying for an unsecured bad credit loan?  Here are some tips:

Check your report.  Are you sure that all charges and details in your credit report are correct?  If not, those errors can dramatically pull down your credit score.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that all consumers have the right to dispute credit report errors by sending a letter to the bureau that issued your report.  Fixing errors in your personal credit report can instantly boost your score and win you a better interest rate when negotiating with a prospective lender.

Are Payday Loans Suitable for the Holidays?


Posted on 26th December 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans

Payday loans are quite popular in the market because they are quick and easy to acquire.  When there is an immediate need for cash, a person may acquire a payday loan to make ends meet. These special loans offer short-term financing and are payable by the next pay check, hence the name – payday loan.

Come holiday season, consumers will surely be confronted with a lot more expenses.  Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas gifts, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, the Hanukkah – all these celebrations and merriment can also pose a challenge when it comes to budget.  If you do not have enough savings especially set-aside for holiday expenses, you might find yourself short of cash and in need of extra hand.

Should you take out a pay day loan right away?  True, anyone can quickly get a payday loan without difficulty.  Most payday loan lenders only require the borrower to be of legal age, a US resident, and to have an active savings account or proof of income.  (more…)

Getting an Unsecured Personal Loan for the Holidays


Posted on 23rd December 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

Many people go to great lengths to make their days even more special.  Going on a trip in a beautiful destination can be a treat for the whole family but it also requires money.  Hosting a feast for friends and relatives may require a bigger budget.  Can this be the perfect time for you to get a loan to meet holiday expenses?  If yes, what type of loan are you planning to acquire?

Unsecured personal loans are ideal for this purpose because these loans are especially created for short-term financing needs.  An unsecured loan can be used for an emergency to buy medicine, pay college tuition, home or car repairs, and other purposes.  If you need extra funds this holiday season, then you may consider applying for an unsecured personal loan.

An unsecured personal loan does not require collateral in return which makes the application process much less complicated.  The borrower does not need to submit personal assets to guarantee loan repayment.  For this reason, unsecured loans can be considered as mush less risky than secured loans since the borrower’s personal property is not put on the line.