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Where to Get Fast Cash for Christmas and New Year


Posted on 19th December 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

Preparing for the holiday celebrations can be both exciting and challenging at the same time.  Of course, you will need to spend money on food, gifts, decorations, and other preparations expected for the festivities.  For this reason, some people turn to lenders for help in order to get the extra funds they need especially for Christmas and New Year.

Are you done creating your gift list and shopping list?  Are you planning to go on a family trip or a grand vacation before the year ends?  Is your savings enough for the expenses ahead of you or do you need to take out a small loan?  In some instances, when taking out a holiday loan is necessary, an unsecured personal loan can come in handy.

An unsecured personal loan is not tied-up for one particular purpose.  In fact, it can be used for a wide variety to short-term financial needs.  For instance, many people take out unsecured loans to cover for emergency expenses such as buying medicine, paying tuition, beating a payment deadline, renovating the home or car repairs.  For the holidays, some people may need the extra money to celebrate and an unsecured personal loan can lend a helping hand.

What do you need to remember before taking out an unsecured loan?  First of all, you must weigh the pros and cons.  You also need to be aware of the risks.  An unsecured loan might be considered less-risky because none of your property is on the line but it can prove to be more expensive than a secured loan because of the interest rate and penalty fees.  If you miss your due date, you could be charged with hefty fees for late submission of payment. (more…)

When a Payday Loan Saves the Day


Posted on 15th December 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans

There is a growing popularity of payday loans in the market.  For many consumers, having the option to take out a payday loan at anytime, without hassle is most welcome.  Like other types of unsecured loans, payday loans can be used to solve a variety of financial dilemma, especially if it involves a small sum, yet requires immediate attention.  Let’s take a look at some instances where a payday loan can save the day:

Home repairs.  The faucet is leaking but calling for a plumbing service is not an option because you don’t have enough cash.  Would you need to wait until your next payday before you can have it fixed?  A dripping faucet can prove to be costly when your water bill arrives.  On the other hand, you can get a payday loan and have the faucet repaired on the same day.

Car repair.  Maintaining a car requires money if your car has broke down in the middle of the month, you might need to wait until your next pay check before you can call a professional mechanic.  However, if you need to drive yourself to work on a daily basis, waiting may not be an option.  Thus, you can apply for a payday loan, to get some cash for a car repair service.

Avoid disconnection.  Have you just received a notice of disconnection from your electric company or internet service provider?  If you missed your due date of payment last month, then it is most likely that only have until the next deadline to submit your payment and avoid losing the service. (more…)

Are Bad Credit Holiday Loans Available in the Market?


Posted on 12th December 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

The holiday seasons can bring about financial challenges for many people.  After all, many would surely want to spend on gifts for friends and family, be part of holiday parties, take a grand vacation, or go on a trip to attend the yearly family reunion.  The question is, are you up to the challenge?  Is your pocket ready to for the holiday expenses?

For some people, borrowing funds can be the best option.  After all, it’s Christmas and the New Year should be welcomed with good cheer.  Taking out a personal loan will not be a bad thing as long as you can afford repayment.   However, what if you have bad credit?  What are your possible options?

Do Holiday Bad Credit Loans Exist?

When it comes to criteria of eligibility, good credit history and score are on top of the list.  In fact, your loan would surely be granted quickly if you have an impressive credit standing.  Furthermore, a high credit score will win you a lower interest rate and a better loan deal.  Does this mean you have zero chance of getting a personal loan if you have bad credit? (more…)

Unsecured Loan – A Good Alternative for Financing


Posted on 8th December 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

Many people are confronted with financial dilemma at different times and for various reasons.  In response to this need, lending companies and financial organizations offer loan services to provide assistance and make money at the same time.  Loans vary depending on the prerequisites, terms and conditions.

One popular type of loan is the unsecured personal loan.  An unsecured personal loan is not created for a specific purpose so it can be used in many ways, depending on what the situation demands.  For this reason, this loan is quite popular among borrowers and considered to be a good alternative for financing.

In what ways can an unsecured loan be of help? For instance, if an unexpected need arises, a person can easily apply for an unsecured loan to solve the problem. The instant cash can be used to buy medicine or pay a hospital bill; pay tuition; pay an overdue bill to avoid arrears or avoid disconnection; repair a broken fixture at home; or call for a car repair service.  In some instances, a borrower may use an unsecured loan in order to have extra cash for the holidays, go on a vacation, prepare for a wedding, and other occasions.

As the name implies, the loan is not secured by the borrower’s property.  There is no need to provide collateral in order to get financed.  Hence, unsecured loans are also considered to be less-risky because a lender will not be able to repossess your property in the event of default.  However, this does not mean the unsecured loans are a hundred percent risk free.

Although the loan is not tied-up to a personal asset, borrowers are strongly advised to strictly subject to their lender’s repayment terms and conditions.  Failing to do so can result to penalty fees, an increased rate, and bad credit.  A lender may also take legal action by filing a lawsuit if the borrower has deliberately neglected his/her payment obligation.

Before deciding to apply for an unsecured loan, weigh the pros and cons first.  Borrow only a reasonable amount and make sure that you can afford the monthly loan payments.  It’s best to restructure your monthly budget plan to make way for your loan payments than be caught unprepared.

In choose a lender, make sure that the company is legitimate and reputable.  Check all the prerequisites particularly with regards to credit history and credit score.  It’s important to understand that some unsecured loan lenders only offer services to customers with good credit. If you have bad credit, you should look for lenders who are willing to extend unsecured loan to customers with less-than-perfect rating.

Of course, you should compare interest rates and choose the most reasonable deal.  Read the fine print before submitting your unsecured loan application especially if you want to apply online.  The internet can be a great tool to compare loan deals.  Although application can be quickly done online, you should avoid making quick decisions which might turn out to be regretful later on.

About the Author

Sandra Thompson is a loan consultant with http://www.unsecuredloansnow.com and has been providing consumers and business owners with Unsecured Loan since 1989. For years she has helped people with loan and credit problems especially pertaining to Unsecured Personal Loans, Student Credit Cards and Unsecured Credit Cards. Copyright 2011.

Unsecured Loan Tips for the Holidays


Posted on 5th December 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

The holidays are the perfect time of the year to go on vacation.  It is also a time for families to reunite, share great meals and celebrate the holidays together.  Are you financially prepared for the expenses coming your way?  Do you have sufficient savings or do you plan to take out a loan from a lending company?

An unsecured personal loan is a type of loan which can be used for various purposes.  For instance, it can be used to fund a holiday vacation or put together a grand feast.  Many people apply for unsecured loans especially during the holiday seasons.  If you plan to do the same, consider the following tips:

Borrow a reasonable amount.  How much do you plan to borrow?  Taking out a larger loan amount can be tempting especially if you know you are qualified.  However, you must seriously consider your repayment obligations.  Will you be able to pay back the loan on time?  Can you complete your unsecured loan payments as soon as possible?  How many months will it take you to completely pay back your loan? (more…)

Payday Loan Tips for the Holidays


Posted on 1st December 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

The holidays bring in more expenses and for some people, borrowing cash from a lender is a welcome solution.  Payday loan providers extend short term cash advance loans for people in need of immediate cash.  If you need extra budget for the holidays, are you planning to take out a loan from a lender?  Are you thinking about acquiring a payday loan?  Before you make the next move, consider the following tips:

Keep the holiday celebrations simple.  The holiday celebrations can still be merry and meaningful even without an extravagant feast or expensive gifts. Find simple and budget-friendly recipes from the internet so you can prepare ahead of time.  By using ingredients that are in a season, you can significantly cut down your food budget for the holidays.

Don’t spend a lot on decorations.  Buying decorations to create a perfect holiday ambiance can eat up a big portion of your budget.  But you can find the perfect ornaments from nature.  For instance, fallen leaves, twigs, pine cones can be used to make beautiful wreathes and center table pieces.  You can also use holiday decorations from last year so there’s no need to buy again. (more…)

Unsecured Loan Tips for First Time Borrowers


Posted on 28th November 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

Unsecured loans are popular in the market primarily because these loans do not require collateral.  If you are in need of immediate cash, you may consider acquiring an unsecured loan.  Will this be your first time to apply for one?  If yes, consider the following tips:

Decide how much you need.  Before applying for a loan, seriously consider how much you need. The amount available for unsecured loans may vary depending on the lender.  Most lenders extend a loan amount limited to only $1,000.  It may be tempting to borrow a higher amount than what you need but don’t forget to consider your repayment obligations.

Decide the length of repayment.  Most lenders of unsecured loans offer a shorter repayment period.  The repayment term can range from 1 year to 5 years, depending on the loan amount.  Another kind of unsecured loan, the payday loan comes with a shorter repayment period.  Payday loans are payable within 30 days or by the borrower’s next pay check. Although payday loan lenders allow rollovers, the interest rates on payday loans can range from 100% to 300%.  Thus, if you fail to completely pay off your payday loan by the due date, you will be subjected to pay very steep rates.

Find a reasonable loan deal. Lending companies that offer unsecured loans offer different deals so it’s important to evaluate and compare.  Use the internet to compare unsecured loan deals in the market.  Typically, you can request for a free quotes online so you can have a better idea how much the loan will cost you. (more…)

Why Personal Loans Carry Higher Interest Rates


Posted on 24th November 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

Are you thinking about acquiring a personal loan for financing?  If this would be your first time to search for a personal loan, you might be surprised to find out that the interest rates are bound to be higher.  Why so?  Let us first differentiate personal loans from traditional loans.

The Difference Between Personal Loans and Traditional Loans

Lenders that offer traditional loans require the submission of collateral.  The collateral can be any valuable property that belongs to the borrower.  By surrendering collateral in exchange for the money borrowed, the lender can be assured that the borrower will pay back the loan to avoid losing the property.

However, there are lending companies today that offer unsecured personal loans.  As the name suggests, these loans do not involve any kind of security.  The borrower can get the cash he/she needs without worrying about his/her valuable assets.  Since no collateral is required, the application process is much quicker and less complicated.

Nevertheless, the absence of collateral also has its drawback.  Not requiring any collateral in return poses more risk to the lender. In the event of default, the lender will not have the option to take possession of the borrower’s property, put it on sale, and use the proceeds of the sale to pay for the unpaid debts.  For this reason, unsecured loan lenders usually impose much higher interest rates.

Where to Find Unsecured Loans

Today, you can find lending companies that offer loans from the internet.  Submitting application can be done online so there is no need to personally visit the lending company’s location.  However, despite the ease of the application process, a borrower must spend time evaluating unsecured loan deals in the market. (more…)

The Basic Facts About Personal Unsecured Loans


Posted on 21st November 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |Unsecured Personal Loans

An unsecured loan is a type of loan that requires no collateral.  Many lending companies today offer unsecured personal loans which can be used for various purposes.  For instance, this loan can be used to cover for emergency expenses, to pay tuition fees, to renovate the house, etc.

Borrowers do not need to provide any kind of security to acquire an unsecured personal loan.  Even if you are not a home owner, you can easily get approved for a personal loan.  Unsecured loans usually have a fixed rate of interest and are payable within a short term period.

For instance, payday loans are unsecured loans payable within the borrower’s next pay check.  However, compared to other loans, payday loans are known to carry very steep rates which can range anywhere from 100% to as much as 300%, depending on the lender.

Since no collateral is required, the application process is quick and easy. There is no need to prepare or submit a lot of paperwork as well.  Most lenders that offer unsecured loans only require the borrower to submit the loan application, proof of income, and an active savings account.  In fact, you can conveniently fill out and submit your unsecured loan application online. (more…)

Acquiring an Unsecured Personal Loan for People with Bad Credit


Posted on 16th November 2011 by Sandra Thompson in unsecured loan |unsecured loans |unsecured student loans

Is it possible to get an unsecured personal loan if you have bad credit?  The answer is yes! Although many lending companies today strictly require good or excellent credit, some lenders are less exacting when it comes to reviewing loan applications.  In addition, you can find lending companies that offer loans that are not guaranteed by collateral.

Indeed, unsecured bad credit personal loans are easy to acquire and can be the perfect solution to an immediate financial need. Do you need to acquire for an unsecured loan right now?  Would this be your first time to apply for an unsecured loan?  Do you currently have bad credit?  If your answer to each of these questions is yes, consider the following tips:

Check the interest rate.  An unsecured loan is expected to carry a higher interest rate than a secured loan because it poses a greater risk to the lender. Some lenders that offer unsecured loans only accept borrower with good credit history or an excellent credit score.  With the absence of security, the borrower’s credit history is a solid proof of credit-worthiness.

However, if you presently have a low credit score, lenders will regard you as a high risk customer.  Thus, unsecured loans for people with bad credit typically carry much higher interest rates.  (more…)